The Studio

As laid back a recording environment at you could ask for..

After recording and producing over 15 other artists, J.B. knows a thing or two about making some down-home music. He has engineered and produced music within a variety of genres and styles, and he is as well versed on getting good electric guitar tone out of an old amp as he is in getting a fiddle to sound weepy. 

Originally founded in Richmond, Virginia in 2008, Rebel Roots studio has relocated twice, and now resides in J.B. 259 year old rural North Carolina home. And while he doesn't let just anyone record there, he welcomes inquiries from any and all passionate musicians. 

Rebel Roots is a fully functional multimedia studio, equipped for both audio and video production. So from four song demos to epic albums, ranging from country to heavy metal and hip hop, J.B. has the means to bring anyone's vision to life. He also edits a lot of documentary footage, and has directed and edited three music videos, so he is equipped and adept at post production work on film as well. 

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