J.B. on the Big (and Small) Screen



The Killer Among Us (2020) (In Pre-Production)

"The Killer Among Us" is a half hour short film inspired by the episodic thrillers of yesteryear like "The Twilight Zone", "Tales From The Darkside", and "Tales From The Crypt", and is a joint collaboration between Haunted Pamlico, Rebel Roots Productions, and Capricorn Rising. The film will be shot summer 2020, with a fall festival release, and a limited DVD Release. J.B. plays the part of Bobby Campbell. 

Wild Sound (2020)

Wild Sound is a 2020 short made by a group of ECU students in Wilmington, NC. J.B. plays the part of "The Producer". 

Obsidian (2018)

Obsidian is a 2018 horror film directed by Jessie Seitz. Originally shot as a short, the film is being remade as a feature next year, with the original cast (including Jim VanBebber) and a few new faces. J.B. plays the role of both Jacob Teller and "Scarecrow" in the film.  

The Road To Beverley (Documentary) (In Post-Production) (2015)

Veteran filmmaker George C. Romero followed J.B.. around with a camera for a year, and together with archival Wayward Drifters tour footage, is putting together quite the showcase of Mr. Beverley's adventures. 

Last Days Here (2011)

Last Days Here tells the story of J.B.'s longtime friend, and singer Bobby Liebling, frontman of the classic doom metal band Pentagram. J.B.'s love and concern for his friend are shown throughout this film, and it is an amazing story of a man overcoming his demons, and learning to live again. 



Reprisal (2019) (Hulu)

In season one (episodes four and five) you can see J.B. appear as a member of the "Happiness Ghouls" motorcycle club. 

Snapped: Killer Couples (2019) (Oxygen Network)

J.B. plays convicted murderer John Zaffino on Oxygen's true crime docudrama "Killer Couples" (Season 12 / Episode 10)

No Ordinary BJ (2015)

J.B. appears as himself in the "No Ordinary Outlaw" episode of "No Ordinary BJ" with BJ Hendricks.