Musician, Producer, Engineer, Author, Screenwriter, & Shadow Rider. 

June 25, 2014: 
Brand new and IN STOCK at our web store: 



June 4, 2014:

After a mishap with our server, we are back online and updating many things on the site. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. It's been a bit tiresome, but things are resolved, and the site is now completely current. 

After a successful mini tour this spring, J.B. is hitting the road with Rory Kelly's Triple Threat for a coast-to-coast summer tour that kicks off in mid-July, and goes into the fall, ending at Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville, TN. You can view all the dates below. More will be added between now and early July. Keep an eye out, and join J.B. and Rory for what is promising to be one amazing tour! This will mark JB's return to the west coast, as it's been three and a half years since he's toured along the pacific! Come on out and show your love! 

For a limited time, you can purchase a print of one of J.B.'s original drawings. We're offering J.B.'s rendition of Lee Marvin as A-No. 1 from "Emperor Of The North Pole", as well as a sketch of Charles Manson. Keep in mind that these are PRINTS, and not the original drawings. The original drawings were sold on Ebay last year. We've made a handful of these, and for only $8 (plus shipping) you can own one. But get yours now, as we only have a limited amount of them for sale and will not be printing more! Click HERE to see more! 

We all know that Toby 'just don't cut it', but now you can relay that message everywhere you go! There's nothing like representing J.B., as well as poking fun at Toby and President Obama at the same time. You can pre-order this limited edition t-shirt NOW! We offer a variety of sizes, and once these things are gone, they are GONE. Click the image below to order! (Sizes SM -XL= $25) (2x = $27) (3X = $29) 

We have a handful of signed "Stripped To The Root" CDs left for sale. Click the image below for ordering info.

The the first time in over a decade, the original line-up of the LITTLE WHITE PILLS are getting back together for a charity benefit in Delaware on JUNE 21, 2014. Click HERE for tickets and info. 


December 9, 2013: 

J.B. has set aside a handful of "Stripped To The Root" CDs to be personalized and signed! (You can personalize your signature when you check out via Paypal)  

J.B. is currently booking both a winter and summer tour featuring Rory Kelly & Triple Threat as his backing band for select "Stripped To The Root" shows. Check the TOUR DATES section of the site in upcoming weeks as shows get confirmed! 

We will be closing down the TRAMP CAMP soon, but you can stay in touch with J.B. by liking his public page on FACEBOOK. You can also interact with J.B. on TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM now as well. 

There will be a new "Stripped To The Root" t-shirt available soon. Stay tuned! 

NOVEMBER 12, 2013:

We are pleased to announce that "Stripped To The Root" is being released globally today. Join us in congratulating J.B. and everyone involved with this album on a job well done! You can order your copy by going to RUSTY KNUCKLES MUSIC, or digitally through Amazon, iTunes, and other retailers. 

You can read up on the songs and players HERE

We'll be posting tour dates in the near future, and will have signed CD's in the web-store real soon. 


OCTOBER 7, 2013:

CLICK THE PHOTO BELOW!! "STRIPPED TO THE ROOT" is getting ready to ship! 

* J.B. will be doing select "Stripped To The Root" shows in October and November (featuring Rory Kelly and the family!), with a "Stripped To The Root" tour being scheduled for 2014. 

* Filming dates are being set soon for "The Killer Among Us". Stay tuned for more info as it unfolds! 

* We finally have some new 7" mailers in and will be shipping the rest of the records in the next few days. Thanks for being patient with us! 


AUGUST 10, 2013:

In honor of the Civil War, Rusty Knuckles Music has made up three versions of this split 7", containing new, unreleased material from both J.B. Beverley & The Wayward Drifters and Jay Berndt & The Orphans.  Some are on Grey vinyl (in honor of the Confederacy), some are on Blue vinyl (in honor of the Union), and a handful are on Red vinyl (in honor of the blood shed on both sides). We only have a handful of these, and once they are gone. 


J.B. will be joining Carolina Still for select dates leading up to MUDDY ROOTS MUSIC FESTIVAL in a couple weeks. Click HERE to see select dates! 


JUNE 21, 2013: 
Tour dates for this and next month are up:

JUNE 15, 2013:
We have added a new message board in an effort give people a private place to interact without having to deal with Facebook and other social media. You can visit by clicking the banner:

May 15, 2013:


Okay folks, I have a lot of news for you. Let me first say that I am sorry for not having updated my site and pages as of late. I have been extraordinarily busy and I wanted to get certain things tended to before I said much of anything. So, please excuse my silence and please read on

I am pleased to announce that “Stripped To The Root” will be out on Tuesday September 24, 2013 on Rusty Knuckles Music.  I would like to thank the folks who pre-ordered the CD through Farmageddon Records over this past year. Your dedication and anticipation means the world to me. Please know that I will work with Farmageddon on making proper restitutions to you.  You will get your "Stripped" one way or another! I also want it to be known that I wish Darren and everyone at Farmageddon nothing but success and happiness. And I encourage all of you to support all the bands affiliated with the label, and the label itself. What Darren and his folks there do is a good thing.

"Stripped to the Root" will be available through my website, through Rusty Knuckles Music, on Itunes,  Amazon, and through retail distribution.  I am sorry that it’s taken this long to get it out to you all, but I’m very thankful to Rusty Knuckles for helping me make this happen! I look forward to having “Stripped To The Root” finally see the light of day! We will be releasing a good bit of new merchandise along with the record, including t-shirts, hats, stickers, and some very limited edition special gifts in upcoming months, so keep an eye out for further news! 

You can also look forward to some new Wayward Drifters material coming out on Rusty Knuckles. I can’t get into details yet, but I can tell you that I am talking to / playing with some new pickers, and you can expect some new music and touring in the not-too-distant future!  I have a slew of new songs, and a determined will.  In fact, just a couple weeks ago, we recorded the first J.B. Beverley and The Wayward Drifters material in almost three years. It’s a song called “I Don’t Mind The Pain”, and is one half of a split 7” record with Jay Berndt & The Orphans, coming out next month on Rusty Knuckles Music. There will be more info real soon! 

In Rebel Roots news: Carolina Still’s “Color of Rust” is available NOW on Rusty Knuckles.  It’s a damn fine album, and I am honored to have engineered, produced, and guest-spotted on such fine songs! 

We also have Mickey and the Bonepickers wrapping up. Both are amazing records and are releases that you are going to want to check out for sure.  I was honored to be a part of both projects. Rusty Knuckles is also releasing the new Husky Burnette CD “Tales From East End Blvd” which was recorded and mixed at Rebel Roots too. I also laid the bass tracks, and can tell you it’s one bad ass record. And speaking of ol’ Husky – I had a great time on the road with him, Rash, and Kari this past month. And it was nice to see a handful of you Wayward Drifters’ fans coming out to show your love and listen to Husky rip up the dirty blues. Some good times!

In film news:  The funding for “The Killer Among Us” is almost secure and we will be moving along with the production in upcoming months. My thanks to everyone who kicked down and helped out! It’s going to be a real fun film!  Speaking of films, in case you didn’t see it, I will be making a documentary about my friend Billy Don Burns here soon with Rusty Knuckles. It will showcase the life and music of BDB and will feature interviews with some of his contemporaries from back in the 70’s, as well as some of us younger guys. I put together an investment trailer for the film. You can view it here:

Lastly, I will be at Muddy Roots Music Festival at the end of the summer in Cookeville, TN, where we’ll be debuting some new songs! Look for tour dates late this year and into next year, and I’ll be updating you all soon on everything. There are still some shirts, hoodies, CD's, and signed photos in the webstore, so feel free and take a look! As always, thank you for your dedication, loyalty, patience, and love. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Cheers, y’all!

- J.B. Beverley 

November 8, 2012:

Mike IX Williams interviews J.B. for Southern Nihilism Front Radio. The two talk about J.B.'s musical history, culture, punk rock, metal, his friendship with Bobby Liebling of Pentagram, being in the Murder Junkies, and even a musical tribute to Charles Manson:

October 9, 2012:

LIMITED EDITION SIGNED 8X10 PHOTOS OF J.B. AT HANK WILLIAMS' GRAVE ARE NOW AVAILABLE! There are 100 of these prints for sale and when they are gone, they are gone! Click the photo and act now! 

It's FALL and that can only mean one thing:
HOODIE SWEATSHIRTS ARE BACK!  We have several to choose from, so click the photo below to browse and order! 


September 12, 2012:

I thought I was going to get home and settled in. I thought I was going to get "caught up" a bit and then make some observations about Muddy Roots Music Festival. Not likely. I've been at it nonstop since I got back. Feels like I'll be behind the ball when they lower me into the ground, but alas.. what can I do besides the best I can? Time, energy, and brain space are limited, but here goes: 

ing up to Muddy Roots, we had a lot of work to do. I have to hand it to Buck Thrailkill for being my right hand man in helping coordinate and execute everything we did. Couldn't have done it without you, bro. Thanks I need to express my gratitude to Frank Ehlinger for giving it his all in getting ready for and tending to Muddy Roots. You've come a long way in recent months, bro.. and I am not only proud of you, but I'm proud to have you on the stage with us. I need to thank brother James Hunnicutt for being who and what he is. It was an honor to have you up there and sharing the smiles and tears. I also need to thank Liz Sloan for being who and what she is and for being a part of our show. You are a top notch musician, and a top notch person, and I'm honored to know you and have you on stage with us. 

I also have to hand it to Jason and the Muddy Roots folks.. Those people work their asses off to bring a real deal, down home festival to the people, and it shows.There isn't a grass roots gathering like it on the planet, and I'm honored to be a part of a rather large and wild family. Nothing like going to a festival that has no security guards roaming around, no metal detectors, and a vender selling real moonshine. What else can I say? 

The bands - too many to name.. so many friends.. so much great music.. There's no better feeling in the world than to be around people I love for days on end, jumping on stage with one another, and making the people happy with music. It's the greatest blessing we've been given, and I am honored to know and love so many people who understand that. 

I want to make a special point about the elder statesmen that played this year: Doctor Ralph Stanley, Little Jimmy Dickens, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, and a few others.. By being involved, they legitimize us.. and not just us indie musicians, but the festival itself, the people there, the whole thing.. There's no other way to put it my friends - this vessel is picking up steam and torches are being not only passed, but passed around. 

I have logged many miles over the last decade or better, and I've never seen such a gathering of the tribes. Muddy Roots and Farmfest both are shining examples of what the grass roots movement really is and what it can do. I haven't seen an underground movement for and by the people like this since I started going to punk rock shows in the late 80's. This little thing we've got here is the new punk rock movement. It's become the pulse of the underground, and it's a beautiful thing to see. I never thought back in December of 1999 when I started the Wayward Drifters that I'd see this happen. In that sense, if I were to die in my sleep tonight, so be it. I've seen the wave break there are more rolling in. What a sight to see. 

Most importantly, there would be none of this without the fans.. You guys have made this what it is. All we've done is provide the soundtrack. Without you guys attending the festivals, attending the road shows, wearing our shirts and hoodies, sewing on our patches, telling your friends, telling your parents, and telling your children, we'd all be out of work and unable to do this. I know that some people thank you all more than others, and I know that some only say but so much.. I personally feel that without you, all of us would be doing something different, some of us would be in prison, and I would likely be dead. 

So to everyone who performed, attended, and worked at Muddy Roots this year - Thank you. Unless I die in the meantime, I'll see you all there next year. 

With love, 
- J.B.

JUNE 25, 2012:   A MESSAGE FROM J.B.:

I have a good bit of news, and it's both good and bad.

    The bad news first - It breaks my heart to tell you all, but my summer dates with Liquorbox are going to be postponed. Their transmission blew a few days ago and we will not be able to fix it in time for the tour. The van that was the Wayward Drifters' tour vehicle for several years was sold to Jayke Orvis' by Johnny Lawless, and I don't have a new one yet. Some of you offered to loan me a truck - something I GREATLY appreciate... but I'll have no way of getting up to Kingston to get the Liquorbox boys and all their gear, and then get back down here to start the tour. It's just not possible.. I even thought about doing the tour solo with just my guitar, but my personal vehicle is having issues and I really don't want to be on the hook for a rental or a loaner.. Not for a five week, cross country tour. Again, it's just not doable. I hate to be in this position. I was as excited at being able to see you too... and this came about so hard and fast that it was a jolt to my system. I'd like to thank the boys from Liquorbox for learning so many of my songs, and I want to thank Tracy for working hard on booking us a tour. Most importantly, I want to apologize to the promoters and the fans for having to cancel. In the first eight years of touring, we only ever cancelled three shows - something I have always been proud of.. Having had to cancel Europe last year and now this tour makes me sad.. as I have been longing to get back on the road like you wouldn't believe. But know that when I return here soon, it will be with a vengeance and passion unlike anything seen before. So there it is - the bad news. I am deeply sorry.

    Now the good news - Buck, James, and I have finished principle tracking for "Stripped To The Root" as of tonight. It's done... and with not going on the road all summer, I now have time to get caught up on mixing, mastering, and getting this thing OUT to YOU. That way, when I next hit the road, many of these songs will be heard, and people can buy the new record. I have to thank both Buck and James too. I don't have words for how they helped bring my best out, kept me positive, and for the various things they brought to the album. It's my honor to have such amazing musicians in my life who "get" me. Thank you, boys!

    Also, I'll still be playing both here in Fayetteville on the 30th still, and I will be flying to Farmfest as well... So you all will at least see me there.

    Lastly - I pack up my gear and head home tomorrow evening. I will be getting caught up on mail-outs and website orders as soon as I am back. Sorry to keep you all waiting... I've been locked into recording this CD, and I have no help administratively at present. I shall be caught up soon, I promise.

    I really wish I'd be leaving next week to see you all. Breaks my heart that it won't happen. However, I will see you soon enough, and you'll be able to hear some new music from me that much faster since some of my time this summer just freed up. I probably won't be online a terrible amount for a bit, but I'll keep in touch and let you all know how things are going as they progress.

    Love, Peace, and Train Grease - J.B.

May 21, 2012:

The Industrial Worker Book Review has recently broadened their platform to include a regular feature called "Songwriter Sessions", and they asked J.B. to be their first featured songwriter in this month's issue. William Hastings recently sat down with our own Mr. Beverley for a rather interesting chat . Check out the interview below and see what you think. 



MAY 3, 2012:

Dates for this summer's  BURNING BORDERS TOUR 2012 with LIQUORBOX are beginning to come in! Visit the TOUR DATES page to see if the boys are coming to a town near you! 

REBEL ROOTS STUDIO (version 2.0) is up and running, and J.B. and Buck are presently taking clients for dates between this fall and the turn of next year.
You can check out the building of the new iso room by watching this video:

 If you would like to contact J.B. and Buck, you can do so through the
CONTACT page, or by calling  (910) 835-1359 for more info! (Serious inquiries only, please! )


April 5, 2012: 

DVD COMP IV: "The First Four" is on back order. If you ordered one and haven't received it yet, you will sometime in the near future. We are expecting a shipment any day, Thank you for your patience. 

COMING SOON: Limited edition signed prints of J.B. at Hank Williams' grave site. There will be  100 of these printed, and when they are gone, they are gone. Check the "Signed 8x10" section of the store here real soon! 

J.B. is currently finishing "Stripped To The Root", and the tracking for the forthcoming Wayward Drifters CD will begin soon after! Look out for tour dates (June through August) to be posted real soon too! 

BACK PATCHES have finally come in and are being mailed out this week! If you haven't gotten yours yet, you will real soon! 

We are not selling anymore hoodie sweats until the late summer or early fall. BUY A T-SHIRT INSTEAD! 

We are SOLD OUT of work shirts, so please don't ask about them. They won't be around for a little while. 


February 1, 2012: 

We are pleased to announce the relaunch of! Now you can get all the latest information and updates about not only J.B. Beverley & The Wayward Drifters, but also J.B.'s solo releases, The Little White Pills, Ghostdance, Rebel Roots Studio, "Chase Down These Blues" (the forthcoming autobiography), "Dead Man's Holler" (the forthcoming horror film) and more. 

We will also be building a new store here on the site where you can purchase signed photos, posters, CD's, shirts, stickers, hats, patches and more! We'll also be adding a lot of photos and video too, so check back often and see what we've done!


"I am beyond excited to finally be launching an all-inclusive website where you can get all the goodies you want from one source. For far too long my website has sat unfinished, and with the charitable help of a couple knowledgeable friends and a good old-fashioned DIY work ethic, I can finally bring you something closer to the site I have wanted to have for a long time now. Take some time, poke around, and make yourself comfortable!"

- J.B. Beverley
February 1, 2012

                                            *                    *                    *                    *                    *                      *

"STRIPPED TO THE ROOT" - the solo cd 

J.B. is currently hunkered down inside of Rebel Roots studio working on his forthcoming solo effort "Stripped To The Root", and will be joining the Wayward Drifters next month to record their latest effort "The Way We Do It In Dixie". Both records will be out late spring - early summer on FARMAGEDDON RECORDS, and J.B. will be hitting the road again starting this summer!


Lastly, we will be adding J.B.'s COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY as well as SONG LYRICS, and a personal blog in the very near future! Keep an eye on the site as things progress!